Is Tiny House Living in Your Future?

Most humans on this Earth have had days where they feel like selling all of their worldly possessions, packing up the minivan and driving off to parts unknown. Though a merely dream for many there is in fact a growing segment of the population that is doing just that; living simpler but with a twist. Welcome to the world of Tiny House Living.

First, what is a “Tiny House?”

There are two basic types of tiny houses: tiny houses on wheels (“THOWs”) and tiny houses on foundations.  There is no specific definition of a tiny house, but they are generally thought of as being under 399 square feet.  (400 square feet and larger are generally referred to as “park models.”)

Although living small has been around for hundreds of years, the lifestyle has just recently taken hold in our country. The offbeat trend of living in homes that are less than 399 square feet has been growing in popularity since the mid 1990’s.

The Tiny House movement has been picking up steam over the last few years and is even seeing mainstream popularity with shows like Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunters. Former homeowners are opting to downsize their life, sell their homes and challenge themselves to live smaller and simpler while also providing less impact on the environment.

The cost of a tiny house is remarkably less so the lure of financial freedom is one of the many reasons for their growing popularity. But make no mistake; adjusting to a smaller space and fewer possessions is not a small undertaking. A large part of transitioning to living in several hundred square feet is drastic downsizing.


So what do you think? Are you willing to part with 90% of your earthly belongings and live in snug dwelling that is the size of most Master Bedrooms? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to know your thoughts!


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